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Patented Technology


Our batteries are made of paper or any other porous material, carbon and small quantities of non-toxic metals. 

A single unit delivers 1.5V (stack at 3V or more) and shows a very high power density compared to coin or printed batteries, enabling high demanding applications in a very limited space.

 Fuelium batteries are currently protected by two family of patents and two more pending for approval.

Battery characteristics and specifications

  • Fuelium develops and commercializes paper-based primary batteries as an eco-friendly alternative to current non-rechargeable technologies.
  • Our batteries are made with non-toxic, safe and abundant materials minimizing the environmental impact. Compatibility with the life cycle of the powered device.
  • Fuelium batteries can be customized to fulfill the energy demand of various applications.
Fuelium batteries

2D Custom Format

3D Custom Format

Fuelium batteries

  • Liquid-activated.  In IVD, they are activated with the same sample to be tested  (i.e. urine, blood, saliva).
  • Lineally produced in a card or roll format and then cut into a specific width, allowing variable active areas customized to specific power demands.
  • Fully operative pilot plant for battery manufacturing with a production range of 1 million units per year.
  • Currently developing self-supported electrolytes to realize a non-liquid activated laminated battery solution.

Fuelium batteries

  • Non liquid-activated. Self-contained hydrogel electrolyte.
  • Same electrode chemistry and sustainable characteristics than 2D-format
  • 3D-printed compostable casings with variable form factors
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Currently, lab-scale production
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